Insurance & Responsibility
Life happens. Make sure you have an insurance policy. Be responsible. Check on your unit regularly to make sure your items are safe and sound. You are responsible for your possessions. Wells County Lock-Up has no liability for any damage of any kind to your items caused by heat, cold, theft, vandalism, winds, storms, dust, rain, water, moisture, fire, explosions, rodents, insects, monster lizards, zombies, robots, organic or inorganic substances, or any event or cause whatsoever, whether natural or supernatural, real or imaginary.

How Do I Pay?
Rent is due on the 1st of each month. A late fee of $15 is charged on the 11th. You may drop off your payment in our dropbox or send a check/money order to P. O. BOX 441, Bluffton, IN 46714. We accept cash, check, and money order.

Pallets & Plastic Totes
Humidity, moisture, and condensation are facts of life. Use pallets to keep sensitive items off the concrete floor. Use plastic totes whenever possible. Never store sensitive items or fabric in cardboard boxes and always put your boxes on pallets.

Furniture & Mattresses
Think carefully about how you store your furniture items. Never let fabric or leather touch the walls or floor of your unit. Never store anything on top of or up against your furniture. Store mattresses flat on a pallet. Do not store mattresses directly on the floor or lean mattresses directly against the wall of your unit.

Preventing Mold & Mildew
Do not pack your unit too tightly. Our units are designed to allow for airflow. This helps keep your unit dry. Make sure your items have plenty of room to “breathe” inside your unit, especially sensitive items like cardboard boxes, furniture, and fabrics. Avoid using covers or wrapping items in plastic. Wraps and covers can trap water vapors and suffocate items.

How Do I Move Out?
All good things must come to an end. If you decide it’s time to move out, there are 2 things you must do: 1) Remove the lock. The lock belongs to you and Wells County Lock-Up does not keep key copies. If the lock is not removed, the unit will not be considered vacant and rent charges will continue. 2) Remove your possessions. Wells County Lock-Up does not take care of unwanted items. If the unit is not cleared of all personal items, including trash and boxes, the unit will not be considered vacant and rent charges will continue.

The Right Size
5x10 (50 sq ft) • the size of a walk-in closet
10x10 (100 sq ft) • the size of a small bedroom
10x15 (150 sq ft) • the size of a living room
10x20 (200 sq ft) • the size of a one car garage
10x30 (300 sq ft) • just smaller than a two car garage - will store a 5 bedroom house
20x30 (600 sq ft) • an enormous storage unit - will store 2 full-sized trucks and then some

Note: these tips are intended as helpful suggestions. Follow all advice at your own discretion. This list is not exhaustive and does not promise protection of any kind. Do not be afraid to use Google to balance these tips against other sources.